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Are you ready to plunge into yoga?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I honestly didn't understand what was going on in that studio as i peaked through the glass door watching participants move around on a mat. To me it looked like some type of slow dance or static pose class with a sleep that everyone has together at the end of the class. It wasn't for me - "I do real exercise" I told myself " In the gym, building muscle". As i took the plunge 30 months ago i have never looked back. Intelligent muscle is what i was told by my yoga teacher, movement modality, see the capability of your body, don't build unnecessary muscle that just gets in the way. That isn't healthy. Yoga saved me, not only did it improve my mental health but the space creation in my body is unbelievable. My injuries from overloading my joint is the gym have improved, the range of movement I have obtained is drastically improved and I am capable enough to admit i wish i had found this in my youth, before the media put this portrayal into my head of what a healthy male body looks like. Namaste

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